Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Quick Update

When I picked Collin up from his group at the IU Thursday morning, his speech therapist told me he had been unsteady on his feet that morning, stumbling a few times and falling once. Hearing that, and thinking about the recent vomiting had me in panic mode Thursday afternoon. Even though logically I knew he probably had an off day and the unsteady balance and recent vomiting were most likely not related, I still let the fear get the best of me. Later I realized too that we're about a week away from the four year anniversary of his diagnosis, so I'm a bit more edgy than normal. Thursday afternoon I got a call from radiology confirming his MRI; somewhere along the line the schedule changed, so the MRI was changed from Friday 4/18 to Monday 4/14. Then I heard from Dr. Comito, who told me that Dr. Iantosca (Collin's neurosurgeon) could see him in brain tumor clinic Friday afternoon.

I felt calmer Friday. Collin had PT and OT in the morning, and worked hard, as he always does. There was nothing out of the ordinary with his balance, personality, etc. Friday afternoon we went back to clinic. Dr. Iantosca checked him out and didn't find anything alarming; in fact he was very pleased with how Collin is doing. Since starting the Zantac Monday night, Collin hasn't thrown up, so most likely the cause of the vomiting will turn out to be reflux, motility problems, or scar tissue as a result of radiation. So, Collin will have the brain MRI Monday morning, and then Dr. Comito can schedule the GI study. 

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