Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Collin had a good weekend, and thankfully didn't catch strep throat from poor Neya, who felt pretty crummy, especially Saturday. The MRI was scheduled for 8:00 am, so 6:00 am was the cut off for clear liquids and medicines. At 6:00, I rubbed Collin's head and kissed his cheek, and whispered that I needed him to wake up so I could give him his medicine (Zantac, and a stress dose of hydrocortisone since he'd be getting anesthesia). He opened his eyes, sat up, and swallowed the pills in two mouthfuls of Jello. Just like that, no fuss, no complaints. I asked if he wanted anymore Jello, since it was the only thing he could have, right then, until after the MRI. He shook his head, and then said, "I'm done sleeping. What can I do?" He handles morning way better than I do!

We got to the hospital, stopped by clinic to have his port accessed, and headed down to radiology. Collin was calm, but kept making sure I wasn't going to leave him. I reassured him I'd be with him until he was asleep, told him I wasn't allowed to go into the MRI room, but that both Bill and I would be there when he woke up. Then he enjoyed doing stickers while we waited for his turn. When they were ready for him, he walked to where they needed him, watched them put the propofol in his tubie as I hugged and kissed him, and that was it. Since they were only scanning his brain this time, it was quicker than normal. I went upstairs, met Bill (he came to the hospital after getting Neya on the school bus), and ate breakfast. By the time we got back downstairs, we only waited a few minutes until they came to get us. We waited with Collin as he woke up, gave him a snack, got him dressed, and then we were on our way.

This afternoon we got the call that the MRI was all clear. I was definitely relieved! And since the Zantac seems to have helped the vomiting, Dr. Comito is going to keep Collin on it and not put him through a GI study for now. As of Sunday night Neya was on antibiotics for 24 hours, so she's not contagious anymore, and she's feeling better, so today was a win all around!!

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