Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We flew home one week ago today, and our homecoming was more amazing than anything we could have imagined. Our friends, the Guardian Knights, met us at the PA/MD border to escort us home. When we pulled up alongside them and got out of the car, they applauded for Collin. When we got back on the road, they rode in front of and behind us, and where necessary, they even stopped oncoming traffic to let us pass/turn. Then when we got to our house, we were greeted by more friends and neighbors. We pulled into our driveway to find it had been decorated with chalk drawings done by some of our awesome THON family. We walked into our house to find it decorated with banners, streamers, and balloons, also courtesy of our THON family. We felt very loved, and blessed that Collin received a hero's welcome home.

Our Guardian Knights

Neya & Collin admiring the driveway in the daylight

When we turned the corner into our development last Sunday night, Collin and Neya suddenly yelled at the same time, "We're home!!" Collin was excited to see his toys, and for two days he kept telling me, "I glad be home!!" Ten weeks was a long time to be away, especially for Collin and Neya. We've spent the last week getting back to our "normal" routines. Neya has started back at her school and dance class. Collin has had a quiet week at home, relaxing, with no appointments to go to. Bailey (our dog) is back home too, so we are all finally under the same roof again. I have unpacked some of what we came home with, and have made our travel arrangements for Collin's eye surgery in Houston on December 3rd. I have a lot more on my to do list, but I'm having trouble finding energy and motivation to get things done. I feel tired and burned out, and I have to figure out how to snap myself out of it.

Tomorrow we have our first clinic appointment at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital with Collin's oncologist since coming home. Collin's counts will be checked, and we'll talk to Dr. Comito about the next step in Collin's care. I'm looking forward to seeing our care team-it's been a long time!

Collin spending the day relaxing at home, in his pjs

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