Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It seems I am WAY overdue for an update!! Basically, things have been going along smoothly since my last post. Collin is well...healthy and happy. He has resumed his therapies, so we are at Hershey three days a week (four when he has clinic, every other week). He had a six to seven month break from his therapies, starting last summer when we went to Houston for radiation, until the beginning of this year when the worst of the radiation fatigue was behind us. I didn't think the time off caused him to lose any abilities, and it seems he continued to move forward even with the break. It has been exciting to watch him resume therapy and to see what he can do now that he wasn't able to do seven months ago!

The end of January brought some snow our way, and Collin decided he wanted to go out and play in it for a few minutes. It was only his second time ever playing in the snow. He played for about 15 minutes; he didn't last long because he minds the cold, but he said he had fun while he was outside!

January, 2013
The first Saturday in February, we spent a day with our THON organization at Penn State Altoona. They held a carnival with games and activities, and as always, we had a blast with the students. It also made us very excited to spend THON weekend with them on February 15-17. Our Altoona group broke the fundraising record for the Penn State Commonwealth campuses by raising over $100k for the Four Diamonds Fund...$105,570.01 to be exact! And the grand total raised for the Four Diamonds Fund by Penn State's Dance MaraTHON for the 2012-2013 school year was over $12 million!!! AMAZING!!!

Collin pie-ing Daddy in the face at the family carnival

Our 6 awesome dancers and us THON weekend 2013

Water gun battles are a favorite activity at THON, so Collin decided to give it a try. He was NOT a fan of getting wet!

There are many things to see at THON...Collin isn't familiar with Star Wars or Storm Troopers yet; he thought it was "exciting to see robots, Mom!!"
THON 2013...FTK
Collin continues with his maintenance chemo two weeks a month. He's also (unhappily) wearing his eye patch for two hours every day. Collin and I will be flying to Houston for a few days next week for a check-up with Dr. Edmond, the pediatric ophthalmologist at Texas Children's Hospital who did his eye surgery in December. And we're already only a few weeks away from Collin's next MRI at Hershey, scheduled for April 8. In the meantime, we're just trying to be present and enjoy each day we have together!

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